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    Fueling Growth Through Advanced Fertilizers.

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Make farming
promising again

We’re Leader in Agriculture Market

Path breaking solutions are needed in a country where 58% of the population is dependent on Agriculture for their livelihood. Around 51% of India’s land is under cultivation. Statistics show that about 80% of farmers in India are small farmers who rely on credit for cultivation. With unpredictable rainfall, increased pressure on the total cultivable land, smaller plowing areas, farmers need to be equipped with the latest crop protection and growth solutions

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I was impresed by the agrion services, not lorem ipsum is simply free text.

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Safety is one of the most crucial attribute of SAFCPL work culture. Safe culture is always practiced. also have a disaster management place in case of exigencies.

The root of every successful product and project is a strong R&D base and its sound planning, innovative ideas and perfect project management.

we reckon our responsibility toward the environment for maintaining the ecological balance and strive to remain committed to maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.


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We’re Selling Healthy Products

We manufacture fertilizers and insecticides for the agricultural and industry.

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Pure Organic Food

We understand your crop’s need

Smiles are guaranteed when the return on your farming increases. Our products have benefited hundreds of farmers till date.




Our Testimonials

What They’re taking about agrion

Our Testimonials

What They’re taking about

“Sardar Chemicals is a game-changer for farmers. With its rich resources, user-friendly design, , it’s a lifeline. Expert advice, market insights—it’s transformed my farming journey, making me grateful for this supportive community.”

Sarah Albert


“Sardar Chemicals revolutionized my farming approach with expert insights, and user-friendly tools. it’s a community that has transformed  experience agricultural practices, providing essential support and tools for success. 

Kevin Martin


“Sardar Chemicals transformed my farming approach with expert insights, effortless navigation, real time based,  and a thriving community. Grateful for the indispensable support in optimizing my farm’s productivity!”

Aleesha Brown


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