Ammonium Sulphate is widely applicable as a reagent used in molecular biology. This is functional as a good precipitant agent for proteins and is known as a high-quality food additive. This is one of the most widely used fertilizers, suited for advanced crop production. Ammonium Sulphate is basically a typical nitrogen-based as well as fast acting fertilizer which can make reduction in the pH balance of the soil. It is safe for its use on grass, shrubs, flowers, trees, vegetables and vines.

MGSO4 (MAGNESIUM SULPHATE) :- 25 Kg., 50 Kg. :-

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are the main elements for balanced growth of plants. But plantsneed micronutrient fertilizers for healthy growth and high production. One of them is Hema brand magnesium sulphate which provides nutrients like magnesium and sulphur to the crop right from the start.
Application of Hema brand magnesium sulphate increases crop yield and quality manifold. And the disease resistance of the crop also increases. The main advantage of Hema Brand Magnesium Sulphate is that it prevents yellowing of crops, it is the main ingredient in making chlorophyll in crops, it can be used to make cereals, pulses, fruits and oilseeds etc. with palatable and long lasting quality.


Total Organic Carbon (Min) – 7.9 %
Total Nitrogen (Min) – 0.4%,
Total P2O5 (Min) – 10.4% CN Ratio – Less than 20:1,
Moisture (Max) – 25%

PROM – isa Green Chemistry Phosphatic fertilizer enriched with micro nutrients such as Copper, Zinc & Cobalt. It enhances the productivity of land.
Effective even on hard and heavy black soil.

Benefits :
• Works as basic nutrition for soil at the time of sowing.
• Improves the soil structure.
• Phosphorus, Nitrogen & Organic Carbon help to keep the luster and Moisture of Soil.
• Keep the fertility of land alive.
• Moveable Organic Carbon helps improve the efficiency of crop growth.
• Prevents land from being acidic & toxic.
• Improves the water holding capacity of Soil.


Customized Chemical – based Fertilizers Sold Exclusively in Indian markets with high acceptability due to quality standards.

Grades :

20:20:00: l 20:10:10 l 12:32:06 l 18:18:10 l 15:10:00

A Range of high quality Chemical – based Fertilizer containing major nutrients for plant growth & development. Customized as per government – approved fertilizer gardes, these are marketed exclusively in India under the brand name ‘Himalay’.

Benefits :

• Balanced Fertilizer – provides all primary nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potash) essential for plant growth & development.
• Granulated from-does not disperse in water
• Can be easily with seeds.
• Negates need of higher grade fertilizers, reduces cost, augments returns.

Single Super Phosphate Powder & Granulated :

Agronomic Importance :

• SSP helps in improving root growth and development which is most important for uptake of plant nutrient and water.
• For leguminous crops like Groundnut, use of SSP, ensures a large number of nodules and roots, which fix atmospheric Nitrogen directly into the soil and also increases Nitrogen uptake.
• SSP improves soil aeration and increases water holding capacity of the soil and increases root growth which increases crop yield.
• Oil content of Groundnut and other oil seeds increases. The quantity and quality of oil seed crops increases.
• In Sugarcane, the sugar content increases which provides more production and monetary benefit to the farmers.
• SSP increases resistance power of the plants against attack of pests and disease.
• SSP increases protein content in pluses crops.
• SSP helps in leaching excess water from the root zone and prevents yellowing of the crop.
• SSP improves storage capacity of product
• SSP also act as soil reclaiming agent.

Single Super Phosphate Powder & Granulated :

We Are The Manufacturers Of Single Super Phosphate (ssp)
With A Production Capacity Of 1,20,000 Mt Per Annum. Single
Super Phosphate – Power And Granulated From Contains
Phosphorus, Calcium And Sulphur Which Are Primary And
Secondary Plant Nutrients For Growth And Development Of
The Plant
SSP – A multi nutrient fertilizer containing phosphorus (14.5%),
Sulphur (21 %). SSP can be applied as a basal fertilizer with other
chemical and organic fertilizers. It has a tremendous impact on
plant growth and also assists in maintaining soil health and
protection against pests and diseases.

Advantages of SSP Fertilizer :

• SSP provides 14.5% WS P205 and CS P205
• Lowest price per kg. Preferred by small and marginal farmers.
• Multi-nutrient fertilizer containing P205 as primary nutrient and
sulphur and Calcium as secondary nutrients.
• SSP is the cheapest source of Sulphur for the soil.
• The Only phosphatic fertilizer which can utilize India rock
phosphate deposits.
• SSP can help convert unavailable nutrients in available from in the
• SSP can help improve physical and chemical properties of soil.

Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium Nitrogen 20.6%, Sulphate : 23%

Ammonium Sulphate provides the plant with Nitrogen and Sulphur at the same time and due to that enables the plant to have a very high growth and yield. Ammonium Sulphate is crystalline, in general white Nitrogen fertilizer, sontaining 20.6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, 23% Sulphur. Since it contains 100% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, it guarantees a long – term and sustainable Nitrogen supply, Furthermore, it prevents the Nitrogen from being washed out of the soil The primary use of Ammonium Sulphate is as fertilizer for alkaline soils. In the soil the ammonium icon is released and forms a small amount of acid, lowering the PH balance of the soil.

Power Gold

(Granulated Soil Conditioner) Ca : Mg : S : P2O5 (10:5:10:2)

Power – Gold Contains secondary nutrients necessary for the health,
growth and development of crops – such as Calcium, Magnesium,
Sulphur (10% S: 2% P2O5)

Benefits :

• Healthy, disease – free crops, Prevents Yellowness.
• Enhances taste of cereals / pulses / fruits & enables longer storage.
• Increases photosynthetic activity of plants.

Magnesium Sulphate


Favoured in many of the world’s agrarian economies Crowin Provides
Magnesium and Sulphur micronutrients to plants for healthy growth and development. Contains : Magnesium (Mg) – 9.6%, Sulphur (S) – 12.0% & Magnesium Oxide – 16%

Benefits :

• Prevents yellowness.
• Promotes chlorophyll production in crops.
• Increases yield & Quality.
• Increases disease – resistance.
• Enhances taste of cereals / pulses / fruits & enables longer storage.

Bentonite Sulphur

Contains 90% Sulphur & 10% Bentonite

Benefits :

• Processes soil faster.
• Increases chlorophyll in leaves, enhancing crop yield.
• Increases 4-6 % oil content in oilseed crops.
• Enhances pungency level of crops such as garlic / onion.
• Increases quality of spices & vegetable crops.
• Increases sugar content & juice quality in sugarcane.
• Neutralizes soil PH, increasing availability of
Phosphorus, Iron & Zinc
• Acts as conditioner for alkaline, acidic & salty soils

Zinc 4

Benefits :

Optimizes yield & quality of crops (Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Potato, Cumin Fennel, Castor, Chilly, vegetables, Fruits, Pulses and other field crops), through novel micro – nutrients.

Induces tolerance to climatic & biotic stresses Enables eco-safe farming though compatibility with pesticides & fertilizers.

Composition :

1. ZINC – 5%
2. FERROUS – 2%
3. MAGNESIUM – 0.5%
4. CUPROUS – 2%
5. BORON – 0.5%

(A Ranges of Water Soluble Fertilizers)

SAFCPL Samruddhi is a range of 100% water soluble fertilizers which are enriched with all major nutrients as well as micro – nutrients.
SAFCPL Samruddhi is easy-to use and can be applied to the crops as a foliar application or fertigation.

Grades :

MAP 12:61:00     SOP 00:00:50+18 (S)    PN 13:00:45                                              MKP 00:52:34   Calcium Nitrate             NPK 19:19:19                                                                                   NPK 13:40:13